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Glimpses of God

Before going to see Rebekah on Tuesday, I had this notion to ask her to join me in a practical exercise in "practicing the presence of God." She was all for it, and she termed it "Glimpses of God." I like that!

I saw a glimpse of God in Rebekah's lovely daughter's smile and giggle. We played peek-a-boo, and she warmed up to me. It was fun.

I saw a glimpse of God as I saw Rebekah respond so openly regarding making peace.

I saw a glimpse of God when the very thing that Rebekah and I talked about on Tuesday afternoon was discussed in a Peacemaker email the next morning!

I saw a glimpse of God in the turning of the leaves on the trees and the way the sun hit them just right.

I saw a glimpse of God as I got a "groove" in homeschool and was able to feel the peace and joy of His presence in the midst of the hours of investment in my children's lives.

I saw a glimpse of God in watching The War. I know one see much of man's inhumanity in a war, but one can also see much of man's humanity that is the image of God.

I saw a glimpse of God in the hike up to the top of Chip Ross Park. To look on the valley below and the mountains in the distance is to acknowledge that God exists.

I saw a glimpse of God as I led my small group in Peacemaker Wednesday night. The talk was deep and good with Belinda and Cheryl.

I saw a glimpse of God in the way that Belinda prays. I do believe she has a gift of intercession.

I saw a glimpse of God as Kim, Nancy, and I met around the doctrines in Romans. The discussion was deep and hopefully it is a portent of a wonderful year of studying with these women.

I saw a glimpse of God as Michael and Paul are finally "getting" it when it comes to writing.

I saw a glimpse of God in a kiss blown and an "I love you" from Nancy as I drove through her shop for celebration ice cream with the boys.

I saw a glimpse of God in the "Lake of Shining Water" at Adair. It was peaceful walk after a great day of work in school.

I saw a glimpse of God in the strength of a family facing a terminal illness.

I saw a glimpse of God in studying the resurrection with Sherry.

I saw a glimpse of God in studying Creation with Nourieh.

I saw a glimpse of God in hearing eight boys making movies, laughing, praying tonight.

I saw a glimpse of God in pictures that capture the joy of my day.

I saw a glimpse of God in hearing of our answer to prayer regarding Sherry's son.

I saw a glimpse of God in a telephone call from Beth in a personal invitation to her Thursday night Bible study.

I saw a glimpse of God in the sunshine and the rain of this week.

I saw a glimpse of God in answer to prayer for a person in which Rebekah can invest her life.

I saw a glimpse of God in knowing that C is praying for me.

I saw a glimpse of God in Kim's affirmation of me and my priorities.

I saw a glimpse of God in Teala's relaying the story of how her brother died on Tuesday morning.

I saw a glimpse of God in him giving me peace and the ability to "overlook the offense" of a snub earlier this week.

I saw a glimpse of God in how he has healed and restored and removed the pain of my affliction.

I saw a glimpse of God in listening to The Iliad this week.

I saw a glimpse of God in the insomnia I suffered last night due to Dr. Pepper at Mary Beth's house. I read in the quiet and loved His presence.

I saw a glimpse of God in my ability to finally "relax" about this Biology class. :)

I saw a glimpse of God in Him speaking to me through the book The Cross and the Switchblade. I am challenged to pray, pray, pray.

I saw a glimpse of God in the care for others that I see in the life of C. Her asking me to pray for her regarding some tought things is a privilege.

I saw a glimpse of God in my time with A over our break-out session. We are one in how we are going to do it, and the meeting went so well.

I saw a glimpse of God in a day where the wash is done, the house is clean (from top to bottom), and my shopping is all done!

Many glimpses. Too few here to count. I want to see Him in the ordinary.
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