If This Bird Could Talk, What Would It Say?

This is from the Friday Freewrite by Julie Bogart at Bravewriter:


So here goes. Just for fun. I will just do a 10 minute one this morning. 

This is the bird talking:

The sunrise was brilliant this morning, and it got my heart to singing praise to God for the dawn of a new day. I see those people inside their houses with the lights on. They are busily rushing here and there getting ready for their work day. I am just looking at the sunrise. Why will they not look up and out the window at this glorious display of God's brilliance right out their window? It would really be great if they would even open the window and hear me singing my song! Oh those humans, they just do not look UP, and they "labor and spin" about all sorts of things. Oh, there is mother yelling at her kids at the breakfast bar. Barking orders like a drill sergeant. She really needs to look outside.

Oh well, I will just fly. The Oregon rain has cleared and I am soaring, soaring, soaring through the blue sky from one tree to the next. Oh, the brilliance of Oregon in the spring! Look at that ornamental cherry tree at the H's house! It is a little later than last year, but it was worth the wait to see it popping with pink!

I know there are some people sneezing in this sort of season, and it is a shame that they cannot come out and walk because of their allergies. I am so glad that birds like me do not get allergies like some people do.

Oh I am singing, singing, singing. It is a new day. In fact, it is not just any new day but Good Friday. The rooster crowed and Peter wept, and I will sing because it is Friday but Sunday is coming. The dawn of a new day and era.

I wonder what happened to that turkey that was in this neighborhood making all that noise for months on end. He/She seems to have disappeared. I am sure the neighbors here are so happy to see that bird gone. My song is so much more melodic. That bird was annoying to all of the birds in the neighborhood.

I know this is Friday so that tall lady at 910 is going to be coming out in the afternoon and bringing bread to another neighbor. There are some new people on the block she has not brought bread to these days. I wonder if she will bring more than one loaf. Maybe she will bring bread to the lady who lost her husband about 6 weeks ago.

Well, I must be flying on to other places beyond this neighborhood. A birds work is never done. Have a wonderful Good Friday one and all. Remember: IT IS FRIDAY BUT SUNDAY IS COMING!

I will be tweeting again very soon. 


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