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Prayers for Committing Our Work to God


Each stanza can be a change of reader.

Bold means everyone says together.

Prayers for Committing Our Work to God

This day is Your gift to me;

I take it, Lord, from Your hand

and thank You for the wonder of it. 

God be with me

in this Your day,

every day

and every way,

with me and for me

in this Your day;

and the love 

and affection 

of heaven 

be toward me.

All that I am, Lord,

I place into Your hands.

All that I do, Lord.

I place into Your hands.

Everything I work for

I place into Your hands.

Everything I hope for

I place into Your hands.

The troubles that weary me

I place into Your hands.

The thoughts that disturb me

I place into Your hands.

Each that I pray for

I place into Your hands.

Each that I care for

I place into Your hands.

I place into your hands, Lord, 

the choices that I face.

Guard me from choosing 

the way perilous

of which the end is heart-pain

and the secret tear.

Rich in counsel

show us the way

that is plain and safe.

May I feel Your presence 

at the heart of my desire,

and so know it for Your desire for me.

Thus shall I prosper,

thus see my purpose is from You,

thus have power to do the good which endures.

Show me what blessing it is

that I have work to do.

And sometimes,

and most of all

when the day is overcast and my courage faints,

let me hear Your voice, saying,

"You are my beloved one

in whom I am well pleased."

Stand at the crossroads and look, 

ask for the ancient paths,

ask where the good way is,

and walk in it,

and you will find rest for your souls.

In the name of Christ we stand

and in His name move out across the land

in fearfulness and blessing.

To gather the kingdom to the King

and claim this land for God:

a task indeed.

Give us to see Your will,

and power to walk in its path;

and lo! the night is routed and gone.

Lord, hasten the day 

when those who fear You in every nation 

will come from east and west,

from north and south,

and sit at table in Your Kingdom.

And, Lord,

let Your glory be seen in our land.

He has shown you, O man, what is right;

and what does the Lord require of you,

but to do justly, and to love mercy

and to walk humbly with your God?

Keep me close to You, Lord.

Keep me close to You.

I lift my hands to You, Lord.

I lift them up to You.

Hands, Lord, Your gift to us,

we stretch them up to You.

always You hold them.

Help me to find my happiness 

in my acceptance 

of what is Your purpose for me: 

in friendly eyes, in work well done,

in quietness born of trust,

and, most of all, 

in the awareness of Your presence 

in my spirit.

(Pause for reflection before resuming your activity.)

From: Celtic Daily Prayer: Book One - The Journey Begins, p. 278-281 (Under "Follow the Example - Oswald of Northumbria (605-642)

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