Lightworks Two/6 (The Prodigal)

This parable always is sweet to me. The father wouldn't even listen to the youngest son's apology. He was too excited. My son was dead and now he is alive! He was lost and now he is found! My youngest son graduates today. We will kill the fatted calf and have a celebration for him (although he did not particularly want a party - the deer are walking in the yard right by the deck  - no doubt wanting to get in my husband impenetrable garden). I don't think my oldest will mind. I do want to plan a celebration for both of them as Michael is now laid off of work and George has to take 12 days of PTO before September. So, I need to get around to planning something. 

I think pollen is really bad. I am out on my deck and my eyes are even hazing up a bit. My poor oldest son who has major grass seed allergies! I hope he is OK sitting outside in Reser Stadium for all those hours today.

Yesterday was a very fulfilling day. I did something I just had to do. I said NO to subbing. I got a text at 4:30 am to do so, and I had already decided that it was really important to finish the project I had started. That was shelving all the books I had in bags, getting the journals in under bed boxes, getting my paper organized, getting rid of some book. It was a major reorganization of four different book areas: Master bedroom, family room, George's office/Guest Room, and upstairs Spiritual Direction/Office. I was up and down stairs all day long, until George got home at 7 pm. I need to learn to say NO with conviction more. As Fran, my spiritual director, told me last time we met, "Calendaring is a spiritual discipline." I also need to know that my time is valuable, and these are projects I have put off for far too long. I had already subbed one time this week, and I do plan on trying to do it at least one time a week throughout the summer. I also got to the office closet floor. There was the M & M Kids stuff from the 90s that Cindy P. was going to throw out and Lisa S. saved! This is something I bought and donated to that church! The original manual is nowhere to be seen though. I have no idea where it could be. I will ask Nessa because I had loaned it to her and it came back to me in a different container and looking like it was reduced in volume. No matter is she lost it though. My guess is that there is an online version somewhere now. I will look it up. It is a 25 year old curriculum that has probably been update, but it was so nice to have a blast from the past in looking through it. 

I also went through all my NASM personal training courses, Power Pilates training courses, Transformational Prayer Ministry training, and organized all my stuff from the Renovare Institute/Book Club, and leadership things. Oh yes, I also went through all my Well-Educated Mind books and organized them. All the Presidents Men and Common Sense are missing though. I also got through my Prayer fuel tub, but I did not get to my TOAG tub. I had organized that more recently. So I don't think it will take me that long to get through it. I think I can get rid of some things though because the Discover App takes care of a lot of things that I have in paper form. 

I am so much more of a people person. So when I get in a "task mode," I have to just RUN with it because these times are far and few between and organization goes by the wayside. So, this is so, so good to say NO to people things this summer in favor of getting some much neglected tasks done. I will have a very PEOPLE day today (with my favorite people names Paul, Michael, George and mother in law, Mary). So yesterday was good to be almost purely task (at least until the whole crew came home, and we had yummy Italian food). 

Tomorrow is people day because of Father's Day. Next week is a three day prayer retreat, and then two day of more people with Ralph and Debbie coming from Idaho. Then, I hope to meet with Nuha but get some more task stuff. The things I am looking at are:

Under the stairs - George says it is all labeled and in boxes, but the boxes are all out of place, and it looks really crowded under there. So I want to cull papers and reorganize down there. I also want to get rid of some toys. So this will be a family project.

Kids Books - we have kids the visit, and it is nice to have books for them, but I think we can cull some more.

Garage - UGH. I think there is little organization to George's domain. So I want to be sensitive but also want it workable so I can find things down there. I go in there, and I am lost. It also looks really MESSY on the workbench, and I would like to rectify that. This is where having a dad who had a garage where you could have eaten a meal of the floor is a disadvantage for me because George grew up on a farm, and it is just a different standard. So I will have to tread lightly on his domain. We have stuff from a welcome basket too. SO we need to give that away if we can. 

Kitchen - I think the pantry is fairly organized but want to go through it regardless. I need to clean the fridge and go through every cupboard and drawer. 

Boys room - I think there room is fairly clean, but I am sure there are clothes that they have outgrown that are lurking there. Paul is home until he gets a job. So I am hoping that he can do his part for that. 

Personally I would like Paul and or Michael to design me a website for Spiritual Direction and personal training/Pilates. I think that would be very cool. 

I better get in the shower and start my day. That was a 30 minute freewrite and a total download.

Off to graduation activities.


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