Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Tuesday Freewrite Fifteen Minutes

I think I will journal an Examen here for my freewrite. This will be an Examen from yesterday morning to right now (5:34 am). 

Big Breath: I ask you God to be with me. Relaxing.

Two or three things I am grateful for:
  1. Elaine in Silent Prayer - her enthusiasm about meeting me
  2. A mile walk up and down a hill without any pain
  3. Claire, Elizabeth, Kat, and Katarina - stellar people to lead through the OMS Year of Preparation. 
Notice where God has been - where I accepted God invitation to loving, grateful and myself and where did I turn away from it. 

Morning - Good. I slept later than usual. I think I got eight hours, but later for me is about 4:45 or so? Meditation in the Psalms. Lectio365 was about Jesus being the bread of life, and how the SIGN STATEMENTS revealed something important about His identity and mission. Since I have been working with people on identity and the Cycle of Grace, it was so thrilling for me to have this be what we are doing this week in Lectio365! 
This leads to how we are to be a sign. I wrote in my journal "What sign then will you give?" But I cannot find that phrase in the devotional. I must have added it myself. 

Then I had an Examen time from my wonderful, restful Sunday.

Psalm 61: Loved the whole thing.

Then I prepared a Visio Divina for my last OMS Cohort. It was fun to create a PowerPoint, and I will put other pictures in there with it in the future. 

I led the last Order of the Mustard Seed Year of Preparation Cohort. 

For me, the Visio Divina was entitled "Breakthrough to Freedom" Making a hole for others to climb through. I need not be afraid of bloody hands in the process. Here is the picture.

We had a blessing time at the end, and it was lovely. I was so proud of Katarina who had never done something like that before, and her blessings were so beautiful. Claire had also prepared some wonderful ones based on Scriptures God had given, and the rest of us were more prophetic in nature. I had a general blessing for all. 

All in all, it was a lovely way to end the whole 10 months. I am so happy I led this group.

Mid Morning - I prepared to lead the Silent Prayer time and figured out how to get into the Zoom room.

NOON - Three other people joined me for Silent Prayer. I did a devotional with a Breath Prayer of Psalm 46:10. It was lovely and went really well.

AFTERNOON - I did thorough stretching and walked a mile around the block with no pain. YAY! I came back and rolled and watched the news.

EVENING - I watched a mindless show and fell asleep really early (again)! My evenings are where I feel like I want a practice of Presence. I think a short silent prayer time and Examen. I am so out of it by that time! Reading is difficult too. I love it when people are over, but I don't do well with spiritual direction on Zoom at that time!

My eating was great today! My exercise was great! YAY!

Where I turned away: I regret giving George a hard time about paying expedited shipping on something that would have gotten there in plenty of time. I apologized right after! Thank you for Your forgiveness and a very understanding husband! This is a foretaste of me being mindful of not worrying about spending on our Spain trip! I know people will try to nickel and dime us (especially the local airlines), and I need to "let it go!" 

What was especially meaningful? I think that my OMS Cohort was so especially meaningful, Lord. So amazingly meaningful in every way. I really grew to love them, and this is just what small groups do. 

This was my final blessing for them:

My prayer for you

May the Father of Life pour out His grace on you; 

may you feel His hand in everything you do 

and be strengthened by the things He brings you through: 

this is my prayer for you.

May the Son of God be Lord in all your ways; 

may He shepherd you the length of all your days, 

and in your heart may He receive the praise: 

this is my prayer for you.

And despite how simple it may sound, 

I pray that His grace will abound 

and motivate everything you do; 

and may the fullness of His love be shared through you.

May His Spirit comfort you, and make you strong,

may He discipline you gently when you’re wrong, 

and in your heart may He give you a song: 

this is my prayer for you.

May Jesus be Lord in all your ways, 

may He shepherd you the length of all your days, 

and in your heart may He receive the praise: 

this is my prayer for you, my prayer for you.

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