Thursday, October 13, 2022

The Way is Made by Walking


This is one man's account of him walking the entire Camino de Santiago (French Way). It is a dear book (some parts more interesting than others as it really took me a while to get into the rhythm of his writing), and I loved reading it in preparation for my journey of just 71 miles of it. 

There are many quotes that I would love to include here. Maybe someday when I have more time. 

I want to post the journaling when you get back for people

From p. 190:

* What message or themes did God give you on this journey?

• What do you want to remember well from this pilgrimage?
* What was the best aspect of this time? What was the hardest?
• How did this experience change or affect your understanding of God? Your relationship with God?
• How would you like this experience to affect your life? Or your relationship with God?
* What do you need to have the pilgrimage continue to bear fruit?
You can do a number of things with such questions and issues:

• Journal about them.
• Find other ways to remember your journey: create a photo album or scrapbook, report on the Camino to your small group or Sunday school class, write an article for the local paper or a denominational
• Pray about what you learned
* Talk about these matters with significant others (family, spiritual friends, spiritual mentors or directors, small group).
• Testify to fellow believers about what God has done with you on this pilgrimage.
• Find ways to be accountable for what you heard from God on this venture.
* Put keepsakes or mementos, stones or shells, art or icons, in places of prominence in your home or workplace to help you remember.
One Camino anthropologist believes that we do not do well at integrating pilgrimage learning into daily life as most "have no ritual of reintegration into the society we live in" Invite your friends or small group to join you in a time of worship. Share what God did through your pilgrimage and ask for prayers and support in living out the challenges ahead. 

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