Monday, September 12, 2022

Noticing Examen Freewrite

Frank Concluding Kubb by
Knocking Down the King!

Deep breath - God be with me. I ask for your light to see my day through your eyes.

Two or three things I am grateful for:

  • Finishing the Cycle of Grace recordings for Eric
  • Recording one for me too!
  • BBQ with George's colleagues with a walk by Cathi and Jerry's!
Where did you accept God's invitation to be loving, grateful, and be your true self! Where did you turn away from this? Where was God in your day?

Morning - 
A long and loving look at God meditating deeply in Psalm 27. Sabbath prayer with Lectio365. Meditation in Pray As You Go. Silent/Centering prayer with Mercy Center with Catherine coming back to lead. I noticed God in the easy of finishing up the Cycle of Grace, and how much joy it gave me. 

Middle of the Day
I kept working on the Cycle of Grace and went straight to recording. I missed my Corvallis Centering Prayer meeting, but I was "on a roll"! I recorded the first one for 11 minutes, the second for 22 (so much material to cover that is so foundational), and 11 minutes for the conclusion. 

Started my Challah bread while the recording was converting and so enjoyed it. 

Recorded one for myself that had more of my personality and details. It was an HOUR! LOL!
I figured I might as well record one for me since I had make-up on already. 

We played Kubb (a Swedish game - see photos above). I was hesitant at first, but I ended up enjoying it and might even buy a set!

We took a walk after dinner. My back was starting to bother me, and I tried to get contact with George to switch seats. I didn't want it to go out by sitting so long at a chair with no back. Then they suggested the walk, and I was so happy. Then I was happier when I noticed we were right behind Cathi and Jerry's house, and I got to talk to Cathi! So fun.

I watch a bit of a movie by Diane Keaton (Baby Boom), but I started falling asleep.

A little frustrated with George that he didn't notice my discomfort. He gets in "other people mode" and often doesn't check in with me. But I told him how often I was trying to get his attention. It was healthy. I just went and got a chair with a back from the dining room and fixed the issue. 


One thing that was especially meaningful:

I think feeling the freedom to have a bit of my personality in the recordings and letting go of pleasing Eric. If it is not the way he wants it, I can record them after the Camino, but I don't want to crowd my head with anything between now and then. It was meaningful to review my breakdown. What a teacher that was. Thank you, Lord, for the breakdown. LOL! I really am so grateful for it because it is a story to tell others! 

Look forward to the day to come
Love on Manar and lead Silent Prayer. Talk with Debbie at Deepen.

I pray for the grace to see you in the next day.

(This is from listening to a Podcast by Father James Martin.) 

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