Thursday, September 23, 2021

Freewrite Fifteen


I have not been listening to my "Gregorian" playlist in a while. Probably since I have been listening to the Northumbrian Community Morning Prayers, but I love these. It is not just the one above. It is also the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. I was reminded during one of the Prayer as You Go meditations that started with one of their songs. 

I woke up at 4:30 am. So, I have time to write a freewrite. I had time to go to the 5:30 am Second Watch of the Order of the Mustard Seed (OMS). I am supposed to lead the Third Watch at 8:30 am, but it is my first day of class at OSU. So, Scott is covering for me while I have all the first day of class things to do. He is trying to find another day for me to do it. I had originally said that Thursday morning was great, but that was before I was shocked to find that they scheduled me for a Thursday MORNING class. I think that I have more people in my class when it is in the morning. It is totally full! I am so excited. I know I will just fall right back into it. I have to wear a mask. So I am going to put a microphone on me. First time ever, but it is probably best. My voice just does not carry. My laugh carries, but my voice does not. 

I am loving the OMS. My Year of Preparation is coming to an end. So I will be taking my vows on October 30th. I am so excited. I think this is such a good fit for me. 

One thing I am realizing is that this Abiding and Power Podcast (changed to the "Fruitful Disciple Podcast" by the powers that be) takes an incredible amount of time. I have loved it. I have loved interviewing people. I have loved listening to the interviews that Paul has done. I have loved finding resources to go with them all, but now that I am all caught up writing copy on the 15 that we have produced, I realize how much time it actually took. I sacrificed other things in order to do it. My own spiritual direction practice and advertising the Spiritual Exercises (and updating my manual), but I think that is OK. I really love the Exercises, and Scott thinks I could offer it with the OMS, and people would probably eat it up. So it is fine that I am taking a year off of leading new people (but guiding one person who is leading others through them and helping another person to finish them from last year).  I will say that I do a lot more Enneagram typing and transformation consultations now. That has been fun, and I look forward to developing that more. 

I am looking forward to seeing students again. I think I will take to it again like a fish in water. I miss the face-to-face time with students. It will be mask-to-mask, but that is close enough. 

So I am going to get my cards ready for class now, and then I will take a little walk. Then I will get on my bike and go to class early to make it warm for my students and make sure I remember how to use the microphone. All the logistics are a little intimidating, but I should be just fine. 


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