Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thursday Freewrite

It has been a while since I have done a freewrite. I usually journal on my Kindle Scribe now, but I got up exceptionally early this morning, and I have 1 hour and 20 minutes until my 7:30 am Campfire meeting for the 2HC. It is my last one of the year. We just have one more retreat from Thursday, June 27 to Saturday, June 29th. Then, I am done. Perhaps for good as I am not sure they will need me as a cohort leader due to small numbers, and I am an "add on" when they have had bigger cohorts. 

It is funny because I was having an inkling that I might not be doing it next year. 

This might not be so bad since I have two Spiritual Exercises groups - I had two people in both an 18th and 19th Annotations groups at the start of yesterday. Now, I have three people in each. 

So that is three extra people in my life two times a month from August/September to May and three extra people in my life every week from February - April (10 weeks). I am excited, but that will be 3 extra hours a month for nine months (27 hours) and then three additional people for 15 hours. So that is 42 hours. It is less than the 2HC which is 33 hours of retreats. 20 hours of Campfires, and an extra 13-26 hours of having one-on-one spiritual direction sessions with 1-2 directees (66-89 hours). But if I am being realistic and not including the 1-2 directees (because I would probably replace them with other directees in my private practice), it is 53 hours (and a whole lot of emails and Signal messages that can be time-consuming.  So, I am going to say it is about the same. 

(I am really getting tired of Grammarly - I just shut it off because it is getting annoying.) 

So, there you go. It has already been a bit more time consuming (well, really a LOT more time consuming) to be doing the Boller Cohort this year. That is 14 hours every other month plus prep for when I am leading, and the Enneagram was a LOT of time. Maybe 60 hours. So over 10 months 70 hours + 70 hours of prep (from Enneagram and other things) = 140 hours. So, I did fine balancing.

So, I probably can do both the 2HC and Spiritual Exercises because I don't have any major teaching in the second year (already all prepared for the Instinct talks). 

Well, I just need to discern my time next year. I am really glad I am teaching though. I really love teaching Pilates again! 

Next year: 
70 hours for Boller Cohort

The buzzer just went off. I am so weird doing a freewrite about all the numbers. I think I love every hour of it too, and it makes it so EASY when I just let God do the heavy lifting of all that I do! That is the Exchanged Life - He is with me always. YAY!
(P.S. - It is also so great to have so many exceptional people in my life - training spiritual directors, doing direction and supervision with spiritual directors, and working with International worker sold out for Jesus is SO encouraging!) 

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