Monday, March 08, 2021

Monday Morning Freewrite

 Wow! What a morning! I slept in until 5:50 am this morning, but it was enough time for me to have an hour with the LORD before I met with my first directee at 7 am. She is in Asia so her evening is my early morning. 

All I got to say is THERE IS A GOD! I had prayed about what to share. Hemmed and hawed. I wasn't anxious, but he kept saying things to me that seemed like too much. Usually, I like to start with something, and I had an Imaginative Contemplation on the bleeding woman cued up and ready to play, but God also reminded me of a poem. I had that at the ready, but God said to not introduce either of them at the beginning. 

But BOTH were part of God's plan. She proceeded to tell her how the story of the bleeding woman ministered to her as she went through the exercises. She had already listened to the link I had provided in my manual of the Exercises. So that is why God had it on my heart, but even how we got to the story of the bleeding woman was a different route than I would have ever expected. It was through a story that she was telling about something else. This was a fantastic story of the healing of two people! I was so encouraged.

I cannot give too much away because my sessions are confidential, but that story led to me feeling God was telling me to challenge her thinking on something. I had a little conversation with God about the fact that the whole thing about direction is that it is not super directive and more companioning. But I felt really strongly the need to speak up about this, and it was AMAZING what this brought about in our soul-to-soul time. 

Then the poem totally fit. Totally fit. 

He makes all things fit together. He was THERE. I am in AWE.

The next directee was 20 minutes later. God led me to the Spiritual Location Exercise. I love that one, and I usually do it upfront with people to get a feel for where they are at, but I had never done this with her. It was a very good time. She shared about an experience she had with God. While she was sharing, God brought a specific verse of Scripture to mind.  She went through her whole story, and at the end of our time, she mentioned that during this time in her life, the same Scripture he had been putting in my head was the Scripture he had given her about starting a ministry 12 years ago. I confirmed it by saying that was the verse in my head the whole time she was sharing!

Then God led me to mention Celtic prayer. She had ALWAYS wanted to explore this. So I played her the Celtic Morning Prayer Music and a wonderful YouTube of the last song in that series. It so touched her. 

Just part of my morning. I love doing what I do. 

Now on to my "other job" that God is also really confirming things with because I just got a text while I was typing this. 

HE IS SO REAL PEOPLE! HE IS SO HERE! NO DOUBT IN MY MIND! Two different people on opposite sides of the globe this morning, but God had these aligned things for both of them. I love co-laboring with HIM in Kingdom work. YAY. 

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