Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fifteen Minute Freewrite

I really should be going out in the sunshine, but I am going to pause and write for just fifteen minutes. I think this is the longest I have gone in years without a freewrite. The last one was 1/7/18. So, here I go.

The sun is shining, and George is cutting the grass. I just finished grading all my papers for 56 students. One of my favorite students had to drop the class this last week. She had too much on her plate. I am really glad that PAC is going to allow students to take the classes for non-credit. I don't know how it will work with the papers though. I think they still have to complete it? I will have to look up what the protocol is for the class. I also have my first Faculty/Staff taking on of my PAC classes. I didn't know that Faculty/Staff could take one of my classes. I will have to tell friends who want to take my class that they can do that. This term it is pretty easy to do so because I have the big room in Langton for my Pilates I class. Usually, I have to limit the number of people in my room because the other one is too small to hold more than 30 people comfortably. This one could easily even hold 50, but that would be too many papers to grade.

I am evaluating whether I will continue with my "Light" version of the training group we do. I have a "full-leaded" version this year, and the "light" version from last year wanted to keep on meeting ever other week, but often, they look to me to lead it when I am there, and I end up leading it when I would prefer not to. So, I am wondering if I were not there if I would not be looked to in that way. It is a casual leading. I need to really pray. Is it a time for coaching beyond what they learned in the first group? I am not sure it is so well-defined. I know that it was R who really wanted to continue to meet, and she seems to be really applying what she learned in the first year of training. 

I leaver for my second Renovaré Residency next week, and I am excited this time. I am not afraid. I am not tired. I am glad to go. I will not be staying with someone who has something really heavy going on prior to the time in the residency. SO that will be good. I will also not have to fly. Although driving through Seattle can sometimes be very stressful for me. I am in a great place to absorb. I can also take all my accouterments for keeping my back in great shape: my roller, Pilates mat, band, etc. It will be great. Also, we are not going to a "all faiths" retreat center that have statues to foreign gods! That will really help me. I am also just feeling so strengthened these days. God is always with me, but I am so much more aware of it these days, even in the midst of other things going on that are difficult. So I am so grateful!

I have really, really liked doing the Creighton University Online Retreat. Every morning, I get up and listen to the fifteen minute audio and then I meditate on the verses for the day and pray through the examen. I am in a great rhythm with all of that, and I look forward to finishing up with all of that around Easter. What a joy that has been for me. 

I have really liked the new training group too. We started with nine people, but one of the people was just not ready for the intense commitment that in entails, and she took the January off-ramp that we suggested she take if she was not able to balance work, school, and the training. It has really helped solidify our group making us very cohesive and committed. I love it! Thursday we did something we have never done before. We had them get together in discipleship pairs and one disciple the other for 25 minutes a piece. It was great! 

I need to melt some pounds away these days. I have been moving much less than I usually do because I broke my toe. The last week was better than the week before so I won't beat myself up for that. 

I heard George finish mowing the lawn. So I think I will go see if he wants to go for a walk. 

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